We are so excited to be back to work and to what we love to do. We cannot wait to see you.

We want to assure you that we have taken every precaution to ensure that your visit is as close to zero risk as possible during this global pandemic. Our team will continue to take universal precautions as outlined by CDC and OSHA. This is not new to our office, but we are implementing some added precautions during this unprecedented time. Your safety and the safety of our team has always been, and will continue to be, our highest priority.

Despite (and because of) what is going on in this world, your access to safe and quality healthcare is of utmost importance. To ensure that this is the case, we have put great time and effort into modifying the way that we work to fit the current situation.

We would like to highlight some of these changes for you:

• We have modified our schedules to conform to new safety guidelines. If you had an appointment that was cancelled due to the pandemic, we will be calling you in the next several weeks to reschedule missed appointments. For currently scheduled patients, we will also be calling to confirm appointments. Some of the appointment times / dates will need to be adjusted to accommodate new guidelines. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work to meet the challenges of a new system.

• We are working to add additional hours and staffing to accommodate all individuals whose previous appointments were missed due to the closure.

• All of our team members will be required to be screened for COVID symptoms prior to reporting to work and will have their temperatures checked and logged twice daily. Anyone with COVID symptoms, known risk, or a temperature > 100.4 degrees will not be permitted to work.

• Per CDC, OSHA, State and Local Government guidelines all of our staff members will be wearing masks and clinical staff will be wearing PPE that meets or exceeds the standards for the treatment that is being provided (we might look a little different when you see us…don’t worry! It’s still us under all that protective equipment).

• All patients will be asked to call the office when they have arrived for treatment. Our office phone number is: 303-683-3332. Per state guidelines, your car will be a “virtual waiting area” in order to ensure adequate social distancing. We will let you know when it is “safe” to come into our office (ie. when there are no other patients in our waiting room).

• To minimize the need to have anyone in our waiting room, PLEASE HAVE ANY NECESSARY PAPERWORK COMPLETED PRIOR TO YOUR ARRIVAL. Before
your appointment, we will email you any necessary forms. Additionally, all forms an be found on our website under the “patient info and forms tab”. If you can complete your paperwork and email them back to us ( that is best, if you cannot email forms, please print and complete them, and bring them in with you when you come into the office for your appointment.

• Unless absolutely necessary (example: young child or caretaker for a disabled or elderly adult) there should be no one accompanying a patient to his / her appointment.

• Per state mandate, all patients must arrive wearing a face covering (nonmedical, cloth is acceptable) and it should only be removed in the clinic area prior to treatment.

• All patient appointments will be staggered so that there should be no 2 people in the waiting area at a time prior to each appointment and so that there will be adequate time for ventilation and sterilization following an appointment. Our schedule has been very carefully orchestrated and for this reason it is vitally important that you arrive to your appointment on time. Any late arrivals will need to be rescheduled and a missed appointment fee will be charged.

• All patients will be provided with a solution of 1.5% hydrogen peroxide and asked to rinse for 1 minute prior to their treatment to minimize the chance of viral transmission.

• Following treatment, if a balance is due, patients will be sent an invoice via email or text message. We ask that payments be submitted by clicking on the convenient “pay now” link in that message (this is the equivalent of making your payment at the credit card terminal at our front desk, but will allow us to minimize potentially unsanitary credit card transactions).

• If you have any questions, at all, about your upcoming visit, please call us right away.

Again, we are looking very forward to seeing you! In good health.

303 Dental Group - Family Dentistry - Highlands Ranch, Colorado