Lasers are replacing traditional tools in many areas of medicine, and dentistry is no exception. 303 Dental Group is proud to offer the Epic X BIOLASE® dental laser to our patients.

Benefits of the Epic X BIOLASE® Dental Laser

This light-emitting diode laser features new software technology and is the only diode laser in the United States approved for periodontal (gum) treatments, soft tissue procedures, teeth whitening, and pain therapy (typically TMJ). The adjustable frequency of the laser and the interchangeable headpieces that completely transform its function allows this one device to address such a wide variety of procedures.

BIOLASE laser technology means that several procedures can be performed during a single appointment. Patients can often be treated without needing to be referred to a specialist.

Created by BIOLASE®, the leader in dental laser technologies, the Epic X system allows for significantly improved comfort, convenience, and results in procedures such as:


Combined with a highly potent but safe bleaching agent, the Epic X laser can stimulate fast, safe, and effective teeth-whitening in just a single visit to our office. Get your teeth 6 shades whiter in just 20 minutes with less sensitivity than other in-office treatments.


Your gingivectomy, or gum contouring, the procedure can be completed quicker, with more lifelike results, and with minimal discomfort when performed with the Epic X laser, compared to traditional gum surgery.

Non-surgical perio maintenance:

Periodontal cleaning and maintenance focus largely on controlling oral bacteria, which the Epic X laser does with unmatched precision and efficiency.

Pain therapy:

Besides cosmetic and periodontal applications, the Epic X laser can be adjusted to provide non-invasive oral and maxillofacial pain therapy, as well as relief from canker and cold sores.

The Ultimate in Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth is a great way to create a healthier-looking smile and to feel more confident about your smile. People who have white teeth show them off more often because they feel more comfortable with their smiles. Did you know that lasers can be used in teeth whitening? In fact, the EpicX diode dental laser from Biolase is a proven method to create a picture-perfect smile through advanced laser whitening technology.

Over the past several years, teeth whitening has become very popular because of how easy it is to access from the department store shelves. However, whitening “strips” are messy, globby, not that fun, and sometimes not that effective. The EpicX dental laser, on the other hand, has been shown to whiten as many as 6-8 shades in an average of twenty minutes in a dental office, (not including set-up or take-down).

The EpicX dental laser whitening system uses a special handpiece to disperse laser light over a broad area of teeth. Rather than the James Bond-style lasers, many people think of, the EpicX uses a diffused laser light to whiten teeth.

When you use a laser whitening system in a dental office, you have the potential to realize the whitest smile you’ve ever seen. The speed and longevity of this system make it a much more effective method of teeth whitening. Other methods on the market use steps or gels that can take weeks to produce the results that laser whitening produces in just one sitting.

Other methods of teeth whitening may produce results that only you are able to notice. When you use the EpicX dental laser you will see results from 6-8 shades lighter!

Laser Cleanings & Soft Tissue Therapy

For soft tissue procedures such as periodontal pocket therapy, treatment of ulcers/cold sores, or even reducing bacterial count in periodontal pockets, there is no better tool than the EpicX from Biolase.

The Epic X Biolase is used in all deep cleanings to help with reducing bacterial count and helping the stimulation of possible bone growth. It also helps with softening tarter on teeth, so that it is easier to remove with our ultrasonics and hand scalers. This all adds up to improved comfort and healing time for outpatients.

Benefits of this soft tissue diode laser

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